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Diverging from conventional refinancing approaches, equity-based refinancing emphasizes your property’s equity and total household income rather than credit scores and mortgage payment history.
As long as your home has at least 35% equity based on its appraised value and your combined household income can sufficiently cover loan payments, you might be eligible for this refinancing option.

Furthermore, this alternative may incorporate the first 6 months of payments into the loan, giving you a chance to regain financial stability.

Private Money Loans: Adaptable Refinancing Choices Private investor refinancing provides more flexibility than traditional options, offering rates as low as 8% even with less-than-ideal equity. In some instances, private investors might agree to a reduced payoff amount, streamlining the refinancing process.

Our knowledgeable housing counselors possess the negotiation expertise needed to obtain a lower payoff amount by leveraging funds from a new lender.

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